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Acuity’s CMS and frontend web development services helps build, deploy and maintain interactive web-applications based on marketing requirements. Our specialists have in-depth experience in the fundamentals of web technology, including HTML, CSS and JavaScript. We work with a variety of tools and platforms, including React, Angular, Vue, jQuery and Highcharts. By leveraging both proprietary and third-party APIs we ensure applications are integrated for seamless data flow. Applications include fund explorer and fund pages, planners and performance visualizations, interactive forms and more.

In the space of CMS development, our experience customizing and maintaining enterprise systems such as Sitecore, EPiServer and AEM, ensure we are best placed to cater to your unique CMS needs to help operationally streamline your web publishing and content processes. We are also experienced in integrating platforms such as Brightcove, YouTube Embed API, Highcharts, Cookie Consent Managers and other value additions to your CMS and website. In addition, we have comprehensive experience with Wordpress and Drupal to serve clients taking the opensource CMS route.

Customer Testimonials

“I want to send along our heartfelt thanks for all your hard work this year. Thanks to this team we’ve been able to take in over 300 requests this year, and have been able to extend our ability across a wider range of projects. This would certainly not be possible without your diligence.”

Director, Digital Marketing

Global Investment Manager

“I know we says this often, but we wanted to say thank you again for your partnership, superior service level and value added. The work you did is another example of the strong partnership and value the Acuity team consistently offers. You certainly have made the our Marketing leadership team look good over the past 18 months. I was sitting on the call and said to myself ‘how the heck did we ever support all this without Acuity 18 months ago?’”

Global Head of Digital Marketing Operations

NY Based Investment Manager












Optimizely Content Cloud


What we have done

Support for Consulting and Corporate Firms
US-based boutique asset manager with a presence in Europe, Asia and South America
What we are proud of


faster time to deployment


page templates revamped

Support for Consulting and Corporate Firms
Financial Marketing Services for a Europe-based Asset Manager
What we are proud of


annualized cost savings


reports generated per annum

Support for Consulting and Corporate Firms
Web Content Management for a US-based Asset Manager
What we are proud of


in annualized cost savings


decrease in turnaround time

Meet our experts

Fauzaan Farook

Director, Fund Marketing Services

Fauzaan manages multiple Fund Marketing Services teams in Colombo focusing on the Digital Marketing practice. He has over 19 years of total experience in the software and capital markets industries. He currently manages the end to end delivery of all digital marketing accounts at Acuity Knowledge Partners. Prior to this, he played the role of head of PMO in Quantitative Research. Fauzaan holds a Masters in Project Management specialising in Business Administration and Bachelor of Science (hons) in Information Systems.

Fauzaan Farook

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does CMS development entail?

CMS development involves the continued customisation of CMS to cater to evolving business requirements. As web-related trends keep evolving, marketers want to ensure their website stands apart and that they use new tools such as video banners, Web3 components and real-time live blogs – functionality that goes beyond content updates. Acuity’s developers extend the functionality of CMS to enable all this.

What sets Acuity apart in CMS and web development?

Acuity’s specialists are exposed to cutting-edge concepts such as headless CMS and Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). We use both legacy and modern technologies, including Angular/React, static site generation and mobile-first design. In addition, we focus on following best practices and closely track key metrics such as performance and SEO, ensuring the code we write makes our clients’ websites faster and search engine-friendly.

Does Acuity provide ongoing maintenance support?

We offer maintenance support to all our clients. Our specialists support clients with CMS and web maintenance including feature enhancements, content updates, performance monitoring, web optimisation and SEO.

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