Trade confirmation and reconciliation support to a leading US-based hedge fund

  • 40%+

    annualised operational cost savings

Client profile and challenges
  • Client is a leading asset manager in the US with portfolio exposure across the globe
  • Client was looking for help with the trade confirmation and settlement process in different time zones
  • Shadow accounting: accounting of all trades, CAs, pricing and setup in client books and reconciling with custodians
Our approach
  • Trade processing on a T+0 basis
  • Live support for trading across the globe in the three time zones – Asia, EMEA and the Americas
  • Liaising with the respective brokers/custodians for trade confirmation and settlement
  • Shadow accounting of the books and reconciling with the fund administration team
  • We transitioned the process as it was and started trade confirmation in real time for all products, e.g., equity, futures, forwards, swaps and FX
  • Trade settlement was much smoother for Asian markets due to real-time support and follow-up
  • Started capturing all activities in real time and reconciling with the fund administration team; this resulted in fewer breaks
  • Tracked P&L reports and conducted daily and MTD reconciliation with the fund administration team at the product, currency and custodian level
  • Team was able to help with additional tasks such as settlement with the respective custodians due to the time-difference advantage
  • Onshore team could focus on clearing backlogs and preparing for launch of new funds

Impact delivered

  • Real-time support
  • Expected to launch a new fund
  • Within a shorter period of time, we provided historical data and other data required
  • A number of reports can be generated for audit purposes (breakdown of revenue, expenses, etc.)
  • 40%+ operational cost savings effected by the offshore delivery centre, providing a time-difference advantage
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What we have done

Shadow accounting (direct lending, CLOs, hedge funds, liquidity) support to a Europe-based credit and private debt manager
What we are proud of


annualised operational cost savings


increase in client interactions

Fund accounting support to a US-based exchange-traded product (ETP) provider
What we are proud of


increase in product coverage


faster turnaround in NAVs released through our streamlined process