Study of small business owners, conducted for a leading financial institution

  • 25%

    cost savings

  • 22%

    time savings

  • Capturing information on small businesses’ current financial scenarios, liquidity levels and most preferred methods of raising capital
  • Delivering cost efficiencies, fast turnaround and consultative solutions
  • Sharing advanced dashboards with the client to track progress of the research
  • Providing the client with detailed reports, highlighting key insights and takeaways from the research
  • Our client, a leading financial institution, approached us to execute a market research project on multiple line items. The client was looking at conducting market research on eight large countries in Europe, North America and APAC, reaching out to decision makers and/or influencers on financial matters of companies with less than USD10m in annual turnover. The typical personnel to reach out to were presidents/chairmen, CFOs, finance directors and finance managers.


  • Targeted companies with less than USD10m in annual turnover
  • Reached out to individuals who were decision makers and/or influencers on financial matters
  • Designed a questionnaire focusing mainly on current financial status, liquidity and most preferred method of raising capital
  • Completed 50 interviews each in the US, Canada, the UK, Germany, France, China, Hong Kong and Singapore
  • Conducted 20-minute surveys via online methodology
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What we have done

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What we are proud of

Facilitating a seamless integration of ESG criteria into the client’s investment decisions

Empowering the client to make strategic and more aligned investment decisions

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We designed separate patient charts, ensuring that the required charts are being answered.

The client was delighted with our suggestion and quality of work on the project.

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Helped the client with actionable insights to fine-tune strategies of a new product

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What we are proud of


increase in efficiency, leading to significantly reduced time to market


y/y increase in number

Support to a leading US-based market research agency in conducting an automotive brand awareness survey
What we are proud of


saved on research work

Able to devote time to strategic work and core tasks

Support to a leading PE firm in analysing opportunity to provide business intelligence and performance management solutions to medium-size and large businesses
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Increased revenue

Increased revenue from research work by USD50K vs previous year

Provided actionable insights

To gauge demand, volume and opportunity

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Increased efficiency

34% increase in efficiency, enabling expansion of client teams in new markets

Enabled real-time reporting

Enabled real-time reporting of key survey insights

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Acuity’s insightful assessment of HNWIs’ purchasing behaviour for a leading luxury consulting organization
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Cost saving

Enabling a significant improvement in client’s sales

Acuity’s insightful assessment of global consumer behaviour
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global respondents reached


respondents participated through online survey