Leveraging social media to expand coverage of a Asset Manager’s campaign

  • 12/Hrs

    of campaign execution lead-time reduction

  • Personalization

    for audience and region

  • 20%

    increased traffic

  • Access

    to valuable insights and analysis

  • Not receiving adequate visibility and coverage for client’s campaign on a quarterly research publication
  • Reduced publication viewer ratings
  • Report being out of date when promoted due to delays in campaign execution
  • Analytics and feedback on the campaign are overlooked
  • Followed a generic model for campaigns instead of a personalized model according to the region and the audience
  • Creation of social media posts and paid advertisements and compliance approval through a accelerated process
  • The posts are tailored and personalized for audience and region
  • Maintenance of a posting schedule and calendar
  • Monitoring quantitative and qualitative feedback consistently
  • Any critical negative feedback was reported back to the regional marketing teams instantly.
  • Based on qualitative performance indicators, detailed reports were provided.
  • Campaign execution lead-time was cut down to 12 hours
  • Campaign was personalized based on the audience and the region
  • Successfully increased the traffic by 20% to report
  • Provided access to valuable insight and analysis
  • Leveraged our experience in working on similar processes with other global asset managers and implemented best practices
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