Drug repurposing and repositioning as LCM strategy for CNS disorders

  • Created market scenario and identified low-hanging opportunities in terms of products and unmet needs

  • Provided a bespoke value proposition to access scientific proof to prioritise and benchmark indications

  • Helped narrow focus on the selected high-potential indications from the opportunity canvas

  • Identify key central nervous system (CNS) indications to repurpose its asset and position a new suite of offerings to maximise product uptake and patient adherence
  • Market assessment and evaluation of CNS disorders
    • Analysed disease landscape, patient journey and treatment options for different CNS disorders across geographies
    • Conducted a systematic literature review and detailed analysis of pre-clinical and clinical trial landscape across multiple CNS indications
  • Indication identification
    • Identified and selected valuable portfolio opportunities for optimising asset offerings
    • Assessed technological and feasibility challenges that needed to be addressed
    • Determined regulatory hurdles and other bottlenecks related to repositioning of drugs
  • Indication prioritisation
    • Conducted evidence-based indication prioritisation to navigate disease segmentation landscape
    • Benchmarked key indications and evaluated business opportunities in multiple indications
  • Identified a new patient pool for the client’s asset and created a bespoke value proposition considering scientific rationale, unmet needs, market positioning and scale of development
  • Evaluated business opportunities in multiple CNS indications based on growth potential, client’s current capabilities and gaps in the portfolio
  • Provided bespoke research support on key competitors and data evidence for patient adherence
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