DDQ support for a USD700bn asset manager

  • 20%

    efficiency created via content optimisation

  • $700bn

    US-based global asset manager supporting retail clients

  • End-to-end

    DDQ and DOOR support

  • 2500+

    DDQs completed annually

  • Rising complexity and volumes
    • A spike in volumes of complex and extensive DDQs. 10-15% y/y growth across complex and extensive DDQ requests
  • Limited bandwidth to drive technology initiatives
    • Due to limited bandwidth, the client was unable to drive the planned technology initiatives
  • High attrition risk among tenured resources
    • In-house tenured resources were getting overwhelmed due to unsustainable volumes and pressure; there was a potential risk of losing key resources
  • Created a centralised team to 14+ DDQ specialists working as an extended arm of the client’s global DDQ team
  • Provided end-to-end support on both recurring and non-repeating requests across all complexity types (low, medium, and extensive and complex)
  • Structured the team in four groups; three asset class teams (fixed income, equity and alternatives) and an open pool, including new hires
  • Used a process-driven approach – extensive usage of standard operating procedures (SOPs), checklists and project management principles
  • Leveraged auto-fill functionality available on the RFP knowledge base to optimise content usage and create additional efficiencies for the wider group
  • Saved significant time (15-20%) on extensive and complex DDQs
  • Created efficiencies used across refining stock responses, extended SME outreach, conducted training and development programmes, and packaged the final client deliverables
  • Ensured an early and quick adoption rate of auto-fill functionality among team members across recurring and non-repeating questionnaires
  • Provided regular feedback on content to enhance usage of content for DDQs
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