Acuity’s insightful assessment of global consumer behaviour

  • 40,000+

    global respondents reached

  • 2000+

    respondents participated through online survey

  • 30+

    products end-user  impacted positively

  • The client is the world’s leading market research company that has presented actionable insights and data on consumer perception since two decades.
  • The client wanted a truly in-depth look at consumer behaviour towards different product categories in order to differentiate global consumers by generation and culture, and understand media habits and consumer behaviour for purposes of syndicated research.
  • The client’s challenges included the following:
    • The questionnaire would take 50+ minutes to complete
    • The distribution of the survey among target respondents needed to be planned efficiently, with quotas including but not limited to age, gender, education, income and nationality represented and captured evenly over a month to avoid any skewness in the data collected
    • Respondents, especially those in countries where media is under government control, were not comfortable answering questions on their attitudes and perceptions towards shopping and media habits
  • To meet client requirements, we adopted a 360-degree approach to addressing all the pain points from the client's end. Our extensive research yielded the following parameters:
  • We reached out to 40,000+ global respondents in 20+ countries and studied their syndicated shopping/purchasing behaviour and their attitudes and perceptions towards shopping. This resulted in insights on purchasing behaviour of consumers belonging to three generations: Millennials (ages 18-29), Gen X (ages 30-49) and Baby Boomers (ages 50-69). We also looked at differences in purchasing behaviour of each generation. To obtain granular details, we also designed and administered a customised proprietary survey
  • We also gathered responses from more than 2,000 respondents through specific product surveys to understand their cultural orientation and its effect on choosing a specific product category. This included affinity to FMCG goods, consumer durables, music, media, sports and celebrations. Product category usage was measured through a “follow-up” survey.
  • We demonstrated consumer life stages, attitudes, behaviour, preferences and choices that had a stronger impact on user categories within the global community. The study also found significant variances in cultural and social orientation across generations; this has important implications for companies trying to find the best audience for their brands and products. Our study concluded that understanding the demographics (age, gender, education) of global consumers and their unique behaviour towards a brand and deploying generational marketing could enhance the marketing efforts of companies serving the global community.
  • Our actionable insights have so far impacted 30+ end users positively (top brands in FMCG, FMCD and many other categories)
  • Helped the client measure awareness of different global brands and attitudes towards them
  • Helped the client identify current adoption trends of the client’s products, product considerations and the purchasing process
  • Created a value impact for long-term collaboration; this involved increasing our offering to include analytics, survey programming, data collection, data processing and technology support
  • Set up a 24x7 rapid research and operations desk serving US, EU and Asian clients, facilitating quick turnaround and real-time support
  • Provided seamless support on weekends and holidays
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What we have done

Acuity’s insightful assessment of HNWIs’ purchasing behaviour for a leading luxury consulting organization
What we are proud of


Cost saving

Enabling a significant improvement in client’s sales

Research on a multiple sclerosis drug with help from global neurologists
What we are proud of

Assessed the target market size, key competitors and current pricing range

Enabled the client to take informed decisions thereby increasing market penetration

Study of small business owners, conducted for a leading financial institution
What we are proud of


cost savings


time savings

Market size, share and industry analysis for a leading consulting firm
What we are proud of


Cost saved through correct target audience


New sales strategy helped to increase sales

Imparting understanding of luxury goods usage
What we are proud of

Client was able to gain an understanding of global luxury goods usage

Client was also able to recognise the types of and motives behind luxury goods purchases and usage