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“We provide intelligence on recent trends in healthcare digitalisation, applications of digital services and platforms including artificial intelligence and machine learning across the healthcare sector, pandemic impact analysis and market dynamics”

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are heralded as the most disruptive technologies in healthcare services in the 21st century, with most leading healthcare and biopharma companies collaborating with technology firms to develop the latest tools and software for predictive analytics, intelligent robot-assisted surgery, chronic care management and understanding human language and analysing images and visuals for better disease detection and medical knowledge representation. Increasing incidence of infectious diseases, more government initiatives and rising healthcare expenditure and new product launches are likely to further drive digitalisation of healthcare. For instance, Pfizer has utilised IBM’s Watson AI technology to discover new immune-oncology drugs and targets, Beta Bionics has developed a wearable “bionic” pancreas called iLet that could manage blood sugar levels in real time in patients with type 1 diabetes, Concerto Health AI is using ML to analyse oncology data, and PathAI is using ML to help pathologists make quicker and more accurate diagnoses. Leading digital healthcare companies need to adopt strategies to increase process efficiency, enhance customer offerings and reduce costs, focusing on digitalisation, to remain competitive. Explore how our healthcare experts can provide research support on aspects of digital healthcare including AI and ML technologies, opportunity assessment, pharma licensing and M&A support


Our offering

Digital health technology tracking and assessment

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We support clients with different technologies and can help manage projects from allied domains

  • Competitive and technology intelligence

  • Technology attractiveness/benchmarking

  • Key trends in digital advancements in the LSHC sector

  • Identifying disruptive technologies

  • Market sizing and strategy intelligence

  • Opportunity assessment, go-to-market strategy

  • Partner scouting

  • Company profiling

  • Newsletters

Support with digital strategy and roadmap development

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Acuity can help clients create strategy and a roadmap for digital transformation

  • Digital maturity assessment

  • Telehealth and virtual care strategies

  • Strategic goals and investment business case

  • Prioritisation and dependencies

  • Implementation roadmaps

What we have done

Competitor benchmarking and performance gap analysis for a leading European medical device player
What we are proud of

Identified opportunities for expansion and plausible revenue streams

Identified potential geographies and activation levers from competitors

Opportunity assessment and market attractiveness for one of the top 10 pharmaceutical major
What we are proud of

Benchmarked therapeutic areas with high clinical and market potential

Developed potential market scenarios based on client needs

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