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Navigating the intricacies of transaction support and deal execution in private credit

Published on March 20, 2024 by Prashant Gupta


After assessing the importance of market intelligence in “The critical roles of market intelligence, deal sourcing and screening in private credit” and due diligence in “The integral roles of due diligence and investment evaluation”, we now delve deeper into the next activity of the private credit deal lifecycle. We arrive at a pivotal stage: “transaction support and deal execution”. Here, the insights and preparation from the initial phases of “market intelligence and deal sourcing/screening” and “investment evaluation and due diligence” are translated into strategic action. This article provides insights on how to navigate deal complexities, ensuring informed valuation and strategic decision-making in high-stakes transactions.

Transaction support and deal execution:

The execution phase is the culmination of the investment process, where thorough preparation meets strategic action. The following are the key components of effective transaction support and deal execution:

  • In-depth valuation assessment: Valuation is the cornerstone of any transaction. It is essential to determine the fair market value of the target by synchronising due diligence findings, potential deal synergies and strategic fit. This comprehensive assessment informs negotiation and deal structuring, ensuring that the investment is made at a fair and strategic price point.

  • “What-if” scenario modelling: The future is uncertain, and successful investors plan for multiple contingencies. "What-if" scenario modelling is a critical tool that enables investors to anticipate different outcomes and plan accordingly. By evaluating different scenarios based on varying assumptions, investors can understand the potential risks and rewards associated with a deal and make informed decisions that align with their investment strategy.

  • Strategic decision-making: Every transaction requires a series of strategic decisions. These decisions should be informed by a deep understanding of the market, the competitive landscape and the unique attributes of the target company. Strategic decision-making involves weighing the potential benefits of a deal against the inherent risks and aligning the transaction with the broader investment objectives.

  • Navigating deal complexities: Deals in the private credit space can involve intricate structures, regulatory hurdles and complex negotiations. Expert support is crucial in navigating these complexities. Professionals experienced in transaction support can provide the guidance necessary to manage these challenges effectively, ensuring that the deal progresses smoothly and that all parties' interests are aligned.

  • Ensuring informed valuation: Valuation is not a one-time event but an ongoing process that requires constant attention. As the deal progresses, new information may come to light that could impact the valuation of the target. It is vital to stay informed and adjust the valuation as necessary to reflect the most current and accurate information.


Transaction support and deal execution are pivotal in the private credit investment process. By conducting in-depth valuation assessments, performing "what-if" scenario modelling and making strategic decisions, investors can navigate the complexities of high-stakes transactions with confidence. The key to success lies in a meticulous approach to valuation, a readiness to adapt to new information and the strategic foresight to anticipate different outcomes. Following such practices, investors can enhance their ability to execute transactions effectively and maximise the potential of their private credit investments.

How Acuity Knowledge Partners can help

We offer specialised support for transaction and deal execution. We are experienced in conducting precise valuation assessments and "what-if" scenario modelling, ensuring that clients are well prepared for any transaction-related outcome. We deliver tailored financial analysis and operational reviews aligned with our clients' strategic investment goals.

Partnering with us allows clients to gain access to a wealth of knowledge that enhances their decision-making process, enabling them to navigate high-stakes transactions with confidence. Our commitment to excellence ensures that clients can tackle the intricacies of deal execution in the private credit market with precision and strategic foresight.

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His expertise is broad and deep, with a particular focus on comprehensive end-to-end credit analysis. Prashant's skill set encompasses capital structure analysis, intricate corporate structure assessments—including guarantees and structural subordination cases—and covenant compliance analysis. Additionally,..Show More

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