Thanusha Rajapakshe

Assistant Director, MBA (PIM, USJP), CFA (US), ACA (SL)

Thanusha has been a part of Acuity Knowledge Partners’ (Acuity’s) Forensic Analysis team for close to 10 years and has 15 years of total work experience. She currently supports a Europe-based asset manager, providing forensic support and conducting quality-control checks of team members’ contributions to accounting diagnostic reports prepared for entities in different sectors, including banks, NBFIs and insurance, energy, automotive and technology companies. Prior to joining Acuity, she worked as an Assistant Manager at the Department of Professional Practice (DPP) at KPMG, where she was engaged in IFRS-related advisory services and IFRS conversion projects. During her tenure at KPMG, she also worked at the Tax and Regulatory Division and the Auditing Division, where she was exposed to a number of sectors, including banking and finance, insurance, manufacturing and trading, and logistics. She holds a master’s in Business Administration from the Postgraduate Institute of Management (affiliated to Sri Jayawardenepura University). She is also an Associate Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka and a CFA Charterholder.