Ahamed Fawas

Associate Director

Fawas is currently the head of Acuity Knowledge Partners’ (Acuity’s) Forensic Analysis team. He has 12 years of forensic analysis experience and 16 years of total work experience. He is knowledgeable in forensic analysis, investment research (with a focus on quality of earnings) and auditing, and is well versed with corporate governance best practices and the UK Combined Code. Currently at Acuity, he manages a team preparing deep-dive forensic analysis reports for long-only asset managers, designing customised forensic analysis screeners and providing forensic accounting support to clients looking to short stocks. Fawas started his career at Ernst & Young, where he was an executive in charge of statutory audits at the time of leaving. He is a CFA Charter holder, Fellow Member of ACCA (UK), an Associate Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka, and an Associate Member of CIMA (UK).