Abhishek Gupta

Assistant Director, Investment Banking

Abhishek holds over 10 years’ total experience, leading and supervising a wide range of valuation projects in compliance with various accounting standards, such as ASC 820 (loan portfolios, debt and related embedded derivatives and convertible notes), IRC 409A (preferred stocks, common stocks, options, warrants, incentive units, etc.), ASC718/IFRS2 (PSUs, MIUs, profit interests and ESOPs) and ASC805/IFRS 3 (contingent considerations).

Prior to joining Acuity Knowledge Partners, Abhishek worked at higher managerial levels with Ernst and Young and Credit Suisse, and assisted alternative asset managers and corporates on various valuation-related assignments. He has significant experience in developing complex statistical and probabilistic valuation models, such as Black-Scholes, Binomial Lattice, Hull-White, Longstaff-Schwartz and Monte Carlo simulations. He is proficient in different pricing valuation techniques used for complex financial securities, minority and controlling interest equity valuations, and OTC products (exotic options, cross-currency/interest-rate swaps, etc.)

Abhishek has also carried out Structured Trade Reviews (STRs) and Independent Price Verification (review of complex trades using risk-based testing processes, such as yield curve testing, OPA analysis for FX and rate products).

He holds a Bachelor of Technology (Mechanical and Automotive Engineering) from Thapar University.