There are a plethora of industries where women are underrepresented at all levels and especially at the top. Finance happens to be one such sector where women’s representation is underwhelming. We at Acuity Knowledge Partners want to do our part in addressing this challenge. We are committed to creating an inclusive workplace and making gender equity the accepted norm rather than the exception.

Through interventions spanning the employee lifecycle—from scouting for talent, recruitment, and promotion to succession planning—we provide our women employees with a supportive environment to realize their true potential.

Our Diversity Network—an employee-run voluntary group—also work towards this objective.



Opportunities at every stage

Through various women employees-centric initiatives like the Women’s Initiatives Network (WIN)—our oldest network with over 500+ members from across six global locations—we drive enhanced recruitment, retention, and leadership development of women professionals. The network runs programs to foster interaction amongst peers and the wider community while acting to raise women’s issues with senior management.

Mentorship, leadership development and women returnee programs- we provide a platform for our women colleagues to grow into the next-generation of leaders, some of our marquee programs include:


Step Up, our women returnee program offers women professionals an opportunity to re-establish themselves professionally and restart their corporate careers after a career break.

Equal opportunity provider with a gender-neutral hiring policy


Rise Mentorship program to enable professional development and developing our leadership pipeline.

The MoM project for women going on or returning from maternity leave ensures a smooth experience for women employees


Velocity to develop mid-level women managers to become the leaders of tomorrow.

Leadership Spotlight with CXOs from Clients (Global Banks, Asset management and Private Equity)

Women have played an incredible role in shaping Acuity Knowledge Partners to be the leader in financial services research today.

Women have played a critical role in Acuity Knowledge Partners’ growth journey. And it’s time for us to come together to create a world where gender equity is the norm.

- Robert King

  Chief Executive Officer, and Member of the Board

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