Supporting a niche consulting firm servicing asset managers and PE firms in developing ESG focused businesses

  • ESG benchmarking

  • Portfolio ESG profiling

  • ESG rank based target identification

  • Strategic opportunity assessment

  • The client is a US based niche ESG consulting firm that engaged us to provide dedicated support across functions – including business development, pre-case, and live case research
  • Acuity team focused on the following research areas: ESG rank based target identification, ESG benchmarking, strategic opportunity assessment, portfolio ESG profiling, ESG specific research for pitch deck
  • Acuity team supported in identifying potential clients and customizing their offerings as per the level of ESG integration in their processes
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What we have done

Conducting materiality assessment for a US-based food retailer
What we are proud of

Identification of stakeholders and survey execution

Data collection, analysis, and materiality matrix

Preparation of the first sustainability report for a Middle East oil giant
What we are proud of

Understanding existing ESG initiatives taken by the organization

Conducting materiality assessment and KPIs identification