Conducting materiality assessment for a US-based food retailer

  • Identification of material topics through peer benchmarking and applicable standards

  • Identification of stakeholders and survey execution

  • Data collection, analysis, and materiality matrix

  • A US-based food retailer required support in conducting a comprehensive double materiality assessment to identify the material topics (short-, medium- and long-term that are to be addressed from the ESG standpoint)
  • Understand client’s existing sustainability initiatives and previously addressed material topics
  • Conduct thorough desk research to identify the most suitable industry relevant, business specific standards-based sample list of material topics (both impact and financial)
  • Conduct survey with internal and external stakeholders and conduct workshops to share and gain further insights
  • Preparation of materiality matrix to present comparative analysis of survey responses
  • Identified key material topics (short-, medium- and long-term) to be addressed by the client with immediate effect along with material topics for medium and long term addressal
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