Streamlining content and procedures to optimize web content and SEO for a global asset manager

  • 8

    Regional Websites Managed

  • 2000+

    Web Pages

  • 90+

    Fund Pages Managed

  • 22+

    Blogs Published Monthly

  • In-house bandwidth is not sufficient to keep up with the content volumes.
  • Lacking standardized publishing process with in-house members following varied procedures and high error rates.
  • Wasting marketing resources due to high content volumes coupled with inefficient processes.
  • Gaps in SEO and insufficient resources bandwidth to conduct thorough audits and optimize content as necessary.
  • Need for frequent customized content audits to be carried out manually across websites to support rebranding efforts, removal of outdated content and marketing material.
  • Inability to carry out routine content audits.
  • Slow execution of regulatory web and collateral updates and fund updates resulted in legal risks.
  • Identifying optimal layouts to display content and content segregation for various audience types.
  • Deploy experienced content management team with the right technical expertise in Episerver
  • Introduce standardized publishing protocols, procedures, content guidelines and team roles to improve efficiency levels and publishing turnaround
  • Multi-layered quality assurance to completely eliminate errors
  • Introduce tools such as SEMRush and Screaming Frog to efficiently audit content and make necessary content updates for SEO, and diligently update PDF meta data
  • Delete/archive unnecessary items and cleanup Episerver folders and media library
  • Easily conduct routine content audits to identify broken links, duplicate or missing content using Screaming Frog
  • Maintain streamlined communication channels with the client marketing, content and technical teams
  • Use domain knowledge and experience to methodically manage high volume regulatory and fund-related intricate updates
  • Delivered high volume of content without any loss of quality.
  • Improved efficiency of the tasks and the accuracy of the content by maintaining protocols, guidelines.
  • Significantly reduced the data loss when the content is extremely in high volumes.
  • With accurate and scheduled audits, SEO optimization and search engine ranking has affected by fixing broken content
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