Strategic support to a leading semiconductor manufacturer

  • Impact assessment of geopolitical conflicts to predict quarterly revenue for the semiconductor sector

  • Building robust trading and portfolio positioning opportunities

  • The client wanted strategic research and technology consulting support services to, for example, identify market opportunities, conduct M&A due diligence and track emerging technologies in the semiconductor space
  • Key requirements:
    • Primary tasks were to track the financial performance of different semiconductor manufacturers, provide data support, technology monitoring, product monitoring and competitive analysis and other data-related support
    • Identify and capture key findings from investor events of companies in the semiconductor sector on, for example, supply-chain constraints, new technology adoption and lead times
    • Quarterly earnings report: Track and capture quarterly earnings reports of competitors and include analysis of revenue, net income, EPS, earnings from continuing operations and various other financial parameters
    • Market intelligence: Provide a daily and weekly recap of the semiconductor sector, including semiconductor news, M&A and IPOs, geopolitical news, earnings updates, equity research updates, semiconductor trackers, financial news, investor and industry conferences, and macroeconomic updates
    • Graphics support on MS PowerPoint with slide production/conversion, template design and visual enhancement
  • Collaborated with the client’s corporate strategy and solutions team to understand the project requirement and discussed approach, output criteria and timelines
  • Shared a well-structured project plan with details on approach and timelines
  • Compiled and maintained an SOP and updated the changes/modifications to minimise complexities and manage tasks regularly
  • Followed strict instructions of the client’s strategy team to analyse and present the analysed data
  • Filled out tables and charts based on earnings releases. Prepared an earnings template and updated company information periodically
  • Created a detailed research report by analysing and synthesising information curated from various open and paid databases
  • Presented crisp and insightful deliverables and executive-ready reports for the client’s leadership team


  • Acted as an integral part of the client’s corporate strategy and solutions team to analyse data, and prepare reports and presentations for the leadership team
  • Tracked competitors’ activities; labelled gaps and identified potential areas of opportunity
  • Helped the client build corporate strategy and market intelligence via market assessment, performance benchmarking, competitor monitoring, industry updates, earnings coverage and macroeconomic updates
  • The quarterly earnings reports helped the strategy team gauge the financial health of its competitors
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