Sales intelligence and origination support

  • Provided bespoke value proposition messages for each target, taking into account customer challenges and incumbent competitors

  • Enabled the client to rapidly penetrate target customers with a message that was customised and compelling from the start

  • Provided sales intelligence support to customise offering based on customer requirements and business challenges

  • Identify key target customers and better understand their business challenges, with a view to positioning a new suite of offerings for the e-commerce sector
  • Team setup
    • Provided sales operations support; administration professionals provided sales intelligence and origination support
  • Initial target screening
    • Identified the potential customer universe
    • Compiled short customer profiles: customer overview, market positioning, geographical spread, products and services, and management information
  • Valuation analysis
    • Detailed customer profiling: Filtered the list of short customer profiles to focus on those that met the customer criteria, based on market positioning, size and business challenges
    • Synthesis: Analysed customer-specific insights with competitive and market intelligence to ensure each value proposition message took into account the client’s strengths against competitor weaknesses and emerging industry trends


  • Identified target customers and created bespoke value proposition messages for each customer, considering their business challenges, market positioning and scale
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