Retail lending support to a large US-based commercial bank

  • 35%

    Able to underwrite c.35% more deals

  • 2X

    More customer-facing time

  • 30%

    Reduction in turnaround time for new deals

  • 35-40%

    Cost savings delivered

  • Top-15 US commercial bank with significant exposure to consumer mortgage loans
  • Key client requirements were:
    • Building a scalable and flexible delivery solution across the value chain
    • Underwriting 35-40% more deals in the near to medium term
    • Improving market response and customer onboarding time
    • Building a cost-effective model to support strategic initiatives
    • Empowering the bank’s employees to perform more value-add tasks
  • Acuity Knowledge Partners conducted a detailed white-boarding session to scope out support levels and complexity
  • Set up a pyramid-structure offshore team, based on the complexity of work
  • Formulated a well-structured training and rollout plan to support origination, processing, underwriting and closing activities
  • Provided customised support in line with the bank’s guidelines and compiled well-defined SLAs to ensure timely completion of each task


  • Prepared detailed standard operating procedures to ensure compliance with client processes and regulatory guidelines
  • Provided flexible staffing for the bank’s expansion plans
  • Improved time to market – the team works on deals 24*5, benefitting from the time-zone difference
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