Reporting solutions for an USD800bn asset manager

  • $800bn

    global asset manager

  • ca.98%

    accuracy rate

  • ca.$1.5m

    cost saving in five years

  • ca.80%

    bandwidth created

  • Sourcing data from multiple locations and manual data updates led to inaccuracies
  • Upheavals in reporting templates and tighter deadlines
  • Attrition within client teams led to service disruption and lowered knowledge retention
  • Lack of access to technology/automation solutions resulted in unnecessary manual intervention
  • Set up a centralised data vault
  • Provided dual-phase validation to ensure accuracy
  • Leveraged Acuity’s client report generator to deliver bespoke client reports within a shorter turnaround time
  • Handled client queries by:
    • Managing the client’s mailbox
    • Maintaining a strict ‘within a BD’ turnaround time for more than 80% of client requests
  • Offered multiple customised widgets for quick reporting


  • Ensured ca.98% accuracy of overall reports
  • Ensured quick turnaround time to market shortened by 8 BDs
  • Saved costs of ca.USD1.5m over the last five years
  • Took complete ownership from data collation to query handling
  • Freed up ca.80% bandwidth for the client’s reporting team
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