Pricing and loan valuation support to a leading US-based investment management firm

  • 40%+

    annualised operational cost savings

Client profile and challenges
  • Client is an American financial, retirement, investment and insurance company based in New York City
  • Client was looking for help with pricing, loan valuation, exchange rates, loan servicer reconciliation, cash balance check for different CLOs and several other daily duties
Our approach
  • Morning uploads and daily duties, fund trackers, tracking missing IDs, testing and production, all loans/non-loans (fund accounting and trial balance)
  • Morning and afternoon pricing – tracking bond prices and market loan pricing through different vendors
  • Data import in pricing applications, daily pricing review, tracking exchange rates and equity pricing
  • Provided real-time support on two processes (morning uploads and afternoon pricing), as process works in real time
  • Tracking daily zip files from different data vendors such as Markit, Reuters and State Street
  • Tracking cash projections and opening balances in the RDS system
  • Cash balance check for various CLOs
  • Comparing data from different data sources for accuracy
  • Performing checks to identify price jumps/stale prices, etc.
  • Handling products such as loans, equity and bonds
  • This enables the onshore team to focus on clearing backlogs and other daily activities

Impact delivered

  • Real-time support to the client
  • Within a shorter period of time, we provided historical data and other data required
  • Compared prices from different data vendors
  • Added bandwidth to client teams for operational support, reducing costs by 40%
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