Patient segmentation and prioritisation

  • Advised on immediate and distantly related co-morbidities with metabolic disorders

  • Identified the attractive patient pool in terms of economic burden and quality of life (QoL)

  • Made key strategic recommendations, collated news coverage and insights on patient segmentation

  • Assessment and identification of attractive patient segments in metabolic disorders
  • Understanding related co-morbidities with high unmet need, minimum entry barriers and commercial attractiveness
  • Identifying niche patient pools attractive from a reimbursement point of view
  • Conducted secondary-market research for market analysis
    • In-depth understanding of metabolic disorders and associated co-morbidities
    • Prevalence variations for single or multiple co-morbidity overlap
    • Patient journey covering available diagnostic tests and treatment options
  • Viability assessment
    • Severity level of co-morbidities and associated mortality rates
    • Major co-morbidities with a high economic burden
    • Unmet needs, barriers and how to overcome them
  • Key differentiator analysis
    • Trends of co-morbidities in various body mass index (BMI) classes
    • Target patient segments in various BMI classes with clinical significance
    • Attractive geographies for identified conditions


  • Provided research and analysis support to formulate actionable insights
  • Provided data evidence to indicate the need to change clinical guidelines and treatment protocols
  • Assessed regulatory framework for conducting clinical trials for identified conditions
  • Assessed potential end points in patient journey
  • Provided bespoke research support on patient segmentation
  • Helped client ascertain which patient segment or indications to target and the areas on which to focus resources
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