Engagement with a global telecom giant to shortlist potential targets for partnership

  • Support in shortlisting potential targets

  • Suggested a partner identification framework

  • Cost-effective and customized solutions that delivered positive outcomes

  • A telecom major was looking for potential targets for partnership in five different service areas – enterprise connectivity, managed network services, unified communications, cloud services and aligned professional services
  • Acuity Knowledge Partners (Acuity) conducted a vendor identification exercise for strategic alliance by mapping the existing business models and visions through the following ways:
  • Consultative research approach
    • Utilising its telecom domain expertise, Acuity recommended a methodology and defined the research approach to achieve the client’s ultimate objective
  • Initial screening
    • Identified companies in focused sectors and created an initial list based on operating/delivery capabilities in identified regions
  • Filtering based on specific synergies
    • Mapped the shortlisted companies in other four service categories, filtered initial 100 companies and conducted a deep-dive analysis to identify and suggest three to four closely mapped companies


  • Acuity identified partnership opportunities for the telecom giant based on attractiveness of the target; criteria included breadth of service portfolio, network assets, client focus, global footprint, presence in Asia and relationship with third-party vendors
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