E-mail Marketing Expertise Offered to a New York-based Global Fund Manager

  • 100+

    Monthly Builds Created

  • 80%

    Global Email Production Acquired

  • 24hr

    Response Rates Tackled

  • 24/7

    Ad-hoc Projects & Audits Done

  • Delayed capability in designing and distributing the email marketing campaigns promptly within a given time frame.
  • Over exertion and drawn-out production of email assets for review and distribution.
  • Absence of specialized expertise in configuring email-related oversights and problems encountered.
  • Lack of competent support on email marketing within the prevalent Email Marketing team
  • Convening an expert team of email marketing specialists to tackle the time constraint on mass delivery of emails and campaigns.
  • Regular review of insights and performance on campaigns built provided to clients on room for growth and improvement.
  • Carrying regular audits on internal content and all volatile ad-hoc tasks as requests arrive.
  • Bearing full accountability for the production and distribution of email campaigns.
  • Streamlined ways and methods to smoothen the deliverability process with the sustenance of error logs to pinpoint areas centered around common issues in rendering, optimization, and deliverability.


  • Ensured professional delivery of email campaigns by taking over 80% of the client’s Global email marketing team’s capacity while generating revenue and leads efficiently.
  • Standards of accountability ensured that the delegated tasks were accomplished at the agreed upon timelines and constraints.
  • Solved email related errors substantially and thoroughly through the maintenance of error logs that identified recurring problems leading to better productivity.
  • Fast response rates led to a satisfactory foundation solidifying engagement rate in both emails and client relationships impactfully
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Enhanced Structure of Global Email Distribution for a US-based Asset Manager
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