Debt Capital Markets (DCM) support to a UK-based European bank

  • Faster turnaround time, with increased accuracy

  • More capacity for core functions

  • Tedious, recurrent market update tasks
  • Quick preparation of client pitches
  • Less time to meet clients
    • More business development needs with increasing competitive pressure
    • Difficulty in hiring onshore talent
  • High cost of junior in-house analysts
  • Rapidly set up a team, with an experienced senior providing guidance and oversight
  • Formulated a well-structured training plan customised to client requirements
  • Ensured seamless communication with the client to fully understand client objectives
  • Ensured efficient turnover targeting delivery of urgent requests within 24 hours
  • Set up newsletters for the Corporates, FIG and ESG teams to help constantly monitor deals in the market, pricing and the pipeline
  • Provided support in areas such as the following:
    • Regular market updates
    • Pitchbook support
    • Pricing updates
    • Developing ESG capabilities
    • Oder book/investor analysis
    • Secondary-market tracking
    • Roadshow preparation
    • Extended case studies


  • Supported the UK DCM team to complete multiple issuances across geographies
  • Suggested industry-level best practices; these ensured fast turnaround, saving time, and higher accuracy of input data
  • Freeing up client capacity and reducing data processing time enabled the client to devote more time to deal execution activity
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