Pitchbook standardisation for a US investment bank

  • 4,000+ slides converted to new/standardised format

  • Consistent branding across sector and product groups

  • Significant time saving for junior and mid-level bankers, enabling them to focus on more value-added tasks

  • Efficient use of slides on the bank’s centralised capabilities

  • Required DTP support on formatting and standardising presentations and documents consistent with the bank’s brand standards
  • Brand identity needed to be realigned
  • Brand identity was redefined after the bank had made some major acquisitions
  • Existing material needed to be standardised if it was to remain competitive
  • Bankers using various styles and formats in pitch material was diluting branding
  • Different tombstone formats were used in pitch books across groups
  • The Acuity team analysed these challenges, and formulated and executed an effective solution without affecting the client’s day-to-day workflow
  • The team set up a dedicated offshore presentation/design specialist team to standardise pitchbook material
  • Engaged in regular communication with bank staff for feedback and workflow management
  • Used generic slides across sectors/groups, enabling faster standardisation
  • Enabled client to maintain brand identity by standardising existing and new decks
  • Bankers could use the converted/standardised decks for building new pitchbooks
  • Maintaining a central repository of capability slides with updated information enables reuse by the bankers and ensures consistency across groups
  • Maintaining a central repository of tombstone formats, standardising the tombstone-enabled automation of the tombstone creation process
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