Cross-functional analytics center of excellence for a US-based bank

  • 200mn+

    data fields analyzed

  • 8mn+

    alternative data sets sourced

  • 5mn+

    end customers engaged

Client profile and challenges
  • A leading US bank’s corporate banking, consumer banking and capital markets business lines
  • Data flow was managed by decentralised teams using a number of legacy platforms that often undermined the true potential of the bank’s in-house datasets
  • The bank decided to implement a centre-of-excellence model to drive data adoption and generate superior efficiencies through centralised platform coordination
Our approach:
  • Conducted a comprehensive scoping exercise powered by the Acuity team’s knowledge of the bank’s data flow for each work stream of the three business lines
  • Aligned staffing levels with work requirements of the centre of excellence for 12 departments of the bank across data acquisition , modelling and visualisation
  • Created self-service models for business intelligence solutions to provide efficiency via contextual automation

Impact delivered:

  • Acuity operating model resulted in over $2mn in annualized cost savings for the client
  • Acuity team of 30 data science professionals analyzed over 200mn data fields and sourced over 8mn alternative data sets for this engagement
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