Rebranding a global asset manager

  • USD 350k

    annualised cost saving

  • 50%

    decrease in turnaround times

  • 600+

    materials rebranded

  • 5

    global offices served

  • A US-based asset manager with an established presence in Europe and Asia Pacific approached Acuity for support in creative services. The company has close to 1,400 associates and manages over USD300bn in assets globally.
  • The company, which has been in existence for over half a century, already had an established brand. However, with time, global implementation of the brand deviated from the guidelines to a point where the digital material and print collateral produced in different offices were increasingly dissimilar.
  • The firm contracted a London-based agency to rebrand, simplify and modernise its digital, print, event and outdoor communications. The exhaustive volume of work involved made it impractical and costly for the agency to rebrand all the material.
  • The pipeline of work included rebranding several regional websites, extranets, intranets, email templates, product brochures, promotional flyers, event material, advertisements, handbooks, reports, internal communications and stationery.
  • Having all of this material worked on by the agency would be exorbitantly expensive, and the company had to find an alternative.
  • Acuity undertook a collaborative approach and worked alongside the London-based agency.
  • The agency worked with the client to conceptualise and design brand guidelines and master templates/layouts for each type of deliverable.
  • Acuity deployed a four-member team of creative specialists who used these guidelines and templates to develop a variety of material for digital and print endpoints.
  • The team formed a global rebranding queue, where items to be rebranded were listed by global marketing teams and sorted by priority.
  • The Acuity team then proceeded to create new material using Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.
  • The rollout of the brand was a success, with a large volume of material rebranded for four global offices in the course of a year. The material included the following:
    • 300+ brochures and flyers
    • 5 handbooks and guides
    • 300+ presentations
    • Event material for 10+ events (including two flagship annual conferences in the US and Australia)
    • 25+ print advertisements
    • 30+ web adverts (including 6 animated adverts)
    • Wall art and interior decor
    • Stationery (letterheads and business cards)
    • 17 regional websites
    • 3 extranets
    • An intranet
    • 30+ email templates
  • All new material reflected a globally consistent layout and brand, and the company was able to portray a single global identity.
  • The quality of work, turnaround times and cost efficiency provided by the Acuity team resulted in the client retaining the team for routine production of material; the team continues to work as an extension of the client’s existing global marketing teams.
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