Corporate Finance Support for Potential Divestitures and Investments in Oil and Gas Assets

  • Identified opportunities for downstream investments

  • 30% operational cost savings

  • Trading and transaction comps across the midstream and downstream

  • A global supplier, refiner, distributor and retailer of oil, gas,petroleum products and chemicals
  • The client wanted to get a support across its corporate finance functions to track and benchmark its performance compared to competitors and to identify potential opportunities for divestitures and investments
  • Relative Valuations: Trading and transaction comps across the midstream (storage and transportation) and downstream (refining,distribution and retail) segments
  • Financial Modelling: Carve-out model to analyse the impact of selling asset/s on company financials,margin bridge analysis,IPO AVP model, organic vs inorganic growth analysis
  • Benchmarking: On both operational and financial KPIs/ ratios; working capital, margins, debt, asset life, assets breakup, volume, capacity, etc.
  • Market Opportunity Assessment Oil, gas and petroleum products market opportunity studies in various emerging countries
  • Internal Presentations IMs, IPO launch, affiliate private take, side-by-side performance, peer market updates, detailed company profiles, impact analysis, trends analysis
  • Engagement helps the client by providing oil and gas industry professionals with corporate finance experience
  • The team functions as an offshore arm of the client’s corporate finance and strategy team based in Europe
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