Competitive landscaping and strategic research

  • Advised client on market landscape and provided competitive intelligence on key players and products

  • Evaluated investment attractiveness of therapeutic area

  • Provided a combined assessment of socio-economic, technological and futuristic parameters

  • Assess investment opportunity in a specific therapeutic area in Europe
  • Business environment assessment
    • Sub-sector analysis and market sizing of the selected therapeutic area, analysis of market trends and key drivers
    • Management and shareholder analysis, SWOT analysis, operational and strategic analysis
  • Valuation analysis
    • Profiling: Deep-dive analysis of historical data, prominent players and tracking evolution
    • Strategic analysis: Analysis of impact on target market based on change in end-user buying behaviour
    • Financial analysis: Forecasts, outlook, average margins and capital requirements
    • Technological feasibility: Changing technology and increasing use of microbiological methods


  • Provided supported with a mix of strategy and technology research services
  • Provided a detailed study of the specific therapeutic area in Europe to assess its investment attractiveness
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