Centralised marketing and digital marketing team for a boutique wealth manager

  • 43% increase in organic growth

  • 44% increase in quality of leads

  • 50% increase in company page engagement

  • 8% increase in investment upgrades

Client challenge
  • Lack of experience and knowledge of SEO, website management and marketing collateral best practices
  • Unclear on how to approach email campaigns
  • Lack of expertise in data analysis and designing email templates for campaigns
  • Insufficient bandwidth to create more targeted, engaging content
Our approach
  • Enhanced digital marketing
    • Provided email marketing ideas to generate workable workflows and strategies
    • Deployed technical experts and designers to edit the landing page as appropriate and develop a new knowledge centre
    • Content management team incorporated best practices and QA processes
    • Experienced email marketing team broke down campaign into manageable phases
  • Deployed a dynamic marketing team
    • Created, revamped and maintained marketing collateral such as brochures and pitch books for marketing campaigns
    • Assisted with compiling content for the website’s knowledge section
    • Compiled written content such as blogs, thought leadership pieces and white papers
    • Assisted with compiling quarterly fund and market commentaries
Impact delivered
  • Revamped factsheet design and reduced turnaround time from BD10 to BD4
  • 8% increase in investment upgrades
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