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Fund Database Administration: Challenges for Private Equity Managers

Published on August 12, 2018 by Pratap Narayan Singh

Private equity (PE) fund managers are beginning to realize the potential of “big data”. Everyone is analyzing fund data, which is directly reported in fund documents; however, the new trend is to analyze data on a wide scale and combine different pieces of data into a cohesive system.

Although fund managers recognize that big data could provide valuable insights into investment due diligence and monitoring processes, many remain uncertain about how to combine vast data sets from various sources, such as Private Placement Memorandums, Due Diligence Questionnaires, cash flows, quarterly reports, Limited Partners Agreements side letters, and annual meetings, into an easily accessible database. A centralized database with vast data set could help to reduce the investment due-diligence and reporting time significantly and stream line the process. The large chunk of core analysis covering, historical track records, dispersion analysis, fund benchmarking, attribution analysis, value creation and vintage analysis can be customized as per the due-diligence team requirements.

We are absolutely fascinated by the power of big data and are looking to discover new ways to make database uploads and management tasks more efficient and fill any missing gaps by applying new methods.

Fund groups have arguably been slow to realize the potential big data has to offer – both in terms of enhancing lead generation activities, investment returns, portfolio monitoring process, and in understanding their own client base.

We aim to play a big role in the database management space with a highly skilled team of professionals. We manage various proprietary PE market tracking databases, which track more than 5,000+ funds and co-investments internationally.

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About the Author

Pratap leads the private equity and hedge fund of funds practices. He has over 17 years of experience at Director level in investment banking, advisory alternative asset management including private equity fund of funds verticals. He is responsible for managing and developing client relationships and overseeing multiple accounts.

Pratap has extensive experience in alternative asset products, covering business development, investment due diligence, portfolio monitoring, co-investment valuation, revaluation, client reporting, database management processes.

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