Broker vote and scorecard automation tool – a strategic product for investment research firms

Broker Votes tool enables Investment Research firms (sell-side and buy-side firms) to monitor, measure, and analyze the data to make strategic decisions.

Automate Broker Vote process to efficiently track and analyze for actionable insights

Acuity Broker Vote tool helps to efficiently process and analyze each vote for proving data-driven insights and optimizing commission revenue. The Tool functionality includes logging the votes into a designed database, integrating data from multiple data sources (e.g., CRM data and data from analysts’ publications), creating analyst or sector score cards, and generating firm-wide, sector-wide, and analyst-wide quantitative reports and other MIS reports. Global financial services firms can also leverage Acuity’s deep understanding and analysis of institutional votes to meet their strategic objectives.

  • Scorecard template design

    Our Broker Vote experts bring their expertise to help in designing the scorecard templates for actionable insights for senior research management to enhance profitability by focusing on strategic accounts, which we believe will contribute a large portion of commission revenue in the future

  • Book-keeping of broker votes

    Our Broker Votes analyst will analyze the several parameters of a vote and log the data into database to generate firm-wide, sector-wide, and analyst-wide quantitative reports and other MIS reports. In addition, our broker votes analyst also generates a qualitative summary report based on the observations on each individual vote

  • Automated scorecard and MIS

    Through our broker votes system, analyst ranking, rating, and data across multiple periods are automatically and easily retrieved and analyzed to gain better insight and to monitor, measure, and evaluate analysts’, sales, and traders’ performance as and when senior management needed them.

  • Customized MIS/dashboard/scorecard for COO teams

    Acuity helps in customizing MIS reports as per the client’s requirement for strategic decisions. MIS reports include firm-wide, sector-wide, and analyst-wide quantitative reports and a vote summary reports with variance analysis.

  • Integrating with internal databases

    Acuity team helps with integrating broker vote system with other client’s internal databases like CRM, BD Vision, etc. to effectively generate MIS reports using the other databases

  • Performance reports in any desired format

    Acuity broker vote tool helps in customizing the tool to generate performance reports in any desired formats like PDF, Word and Excel formats for easily disseminating the information to senior stakeholders

Why choose Acuity’s broker vote tool?

  • Helps build customized reports tailored to internal specifications to track account performance

  • Single-day turnaround and on-demand requests

  • Global integration – benchmark against other regional/sector/analysts

Acuity has been providing comprehensive and integrated broker votes tracking system for global Investment firms (sell-side and buy-side firms) over the past 10 years. Acuity solutions empowered one of our large clients (a Europe-based top-tier global bulge bracket investment bank with a clientele of more than 150 investment firms globally) to reduce turnaround time and generate reports as and when senior management needed them. The tool enhanced the client’s existing broker votes platform’s efficiency and reduced the need for significant manual effort.

Customisable and efficiently manageable broker vote platform

Customise and fully integrate a broker vote platform into your investment research process to obtain strategic insights

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