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Sudhir Shetty

Delivery Manager

Sudhir has over 13 years of experience working with leading global organizations in the credit-rating and commercial-lending domains. Currently, he is part of a commercial-lending team that works with a large European bank on covenant validation, financial spreading and the drafting of credit-risk scores and credit reviews. Prior to this, he supported the commercial-lending team of a large UK-based bank and was responsible for communicating with the origination teams, writing annual and interim credit reviews, responding to risk queries and performing post-credit-sanction formalities. Prior to joining Acuity, Sudhir worked for a leading rating company and supported the US public-finance domain, both in his individual capacity and in the capacity of a team lead. Sudhir holds a Master in Commerce from Mumbai University, an MBA (finance) from SIES (Mumbai) and an Accounting Technician degree from ICAI.