Uncovering Business Trends 2020 – Playbook for Consulting Companies

Businesses today have to compete in a rapidly changing environment, irrespective of the industry they operate in. ‘Looking beyond the obvious’ is no longer enough to steer the strategy roadmap, particularly when the paradigms of the ‘Obvious’ are changing faster than what the businesses can adapt to. Due to this paradigm shift, organizations are today grappling with the enormous challenge of adapting to and staying innovative.

This trend book explores the key disruptive changes that are transforming the operational dynamics of business and challenging the accepted know how.

Key Takeaways

• Disruption is not just aiding the faster adoption of next-gen technologies, it is also bringing
  sweeping changes to the other non-technological elements of the business ecosystem
• Today, the disruptive trends are introducing dynamic changes such as convergence of technologies,
  evolution of the M&A landscape, changing workforce structures, and emerging demand for sustainable
  solutions, apart from the rising need for personalization of customer experience
• In order to benefit from the new business trends, organizations need to embrace and adapt to the new
  ways of doing business quickly, build integrated frameworks, adopt sustainable strategies and invest
  towards technology upgradation & human skill development

Uncovering Business Trends 2020 – Playbook for Consulting Companies

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