Uberisation of Lending: How banks can stay ahead of the curve

The banking industry is undergoing a transformation as banks are facing increased competition from alternatives, such as shadow banks, challenger banks, and new-age FinTech firms. According to market data sources, the total assets of nonbank lenders have surpassed $18 tn, ahead of commercial banks’ $16 tn.
Lenders are looking to achieve a favorable cost-to-income ratio, while complying with stringent regulatory requirements. Customers are seeking a differentiated experience, whereas technology is playing a wider role in lending transformation. Banks will need to ensure that strategic programs are integrated to generate value with minimal internal re-structuring.
The webinar presents our experience in enabling traditional lenders to stay ahead of the curve and strike a balance between higher customer expectations and risk-return trade-off. We will take you through some of our unique experiences and present best practices on improving your front office effectiveness, increasing operational flexibility, and driving revenues for the bank.

Key Takeaways

Challenges faced by traditional lenders globally
Strategies that can be explored by lending firms to stay ahead of the curve
Best practices based on what other banks are doing to empower their staff to do more client differentiating activities
Improving Risk Management for commercial banks and lending firms

Damian Burleigh

Damian Burleigh

Managing Director and Global Head of Sales and Marketing

Damian leads the sales and marketing organization at Acuity Knowledge Partners. He has more than 20 years of experience in sales, marketing, and product development and is responsible for developing the sales pipeline, achieving sales targets, and building and expanding senior client relationships. Prior to his role at Acuity Knowledge Partners, Damian was Senior Director of EMEA and Africa Sales. He managed a team covering key European markets, including the UK, Germany, and Italy. Prior to joining Acuity Knowledge Partners, Damian was Managing Director – EMEA Sales, Marketing and Client Services for Standard & Poor’s Capital IQ. Earlier, he was Managing Director of S&P’s Investment Services group.

Rajul Sood

Rajul Sood

Managing Director

Rajul Sood, Global Head of Lending Services, is responsible for the overall strategy and growth of the business, managing technology innovation and overall governance and delivery management. She has more than two decades of experience, with over 19 years at Acuity.

Rajul oversees about 900 employees in India, Sri Lanka, and Costa Rica Delivery Centres, managing end-to-end activity across the lending value chain for global corporate and commercial banks. Apart from banks, the teams she oversees also have experience in working on different lending products, processes and systems for Fortune 100 companies, SMEs, and real-estate businesses.

Rajul also provides oversight to the Costa Rica Delivery Centre, which has over 250 analysts providing on-time zone support to US-based banks and financial institutions. She supports in strategic planning and expansion of the Delivery Centre and integrating it with the global Delivery Centres.

Rajul joined Acuity as an Analyst in 2004,..Show More

Subhrojyoti Mandal

Subhrojyoti Mandal

Head, Pune Delivery Centre.

Subhrojyoti is a Director and has been with Acuity Knowledge Partners for over 11 years and has more than 18 years of experience driving lending, credit transformation, and solution delivery to clients. Leveraging his people, process, and financial technology experience, he has been instrumental in onboarding numerous clients for Acuity in Lending Services.

Currently, he leads Acuity Pune centre and is responsible for a team of over 60 employees.

He joined Acuity in 2011 as Vice President Investment Research and managed service delivery for several buyside, sell side and wealth management clients within the credit research space. Subhrojyoti was one of the founding members of the Lending Services business in 2013 with one client. Since then, he has helped drive business growth for Lending Services to reach more than 750 FTEs and 35 clients.

Prior to joining Acuity, from 2005 to 2011, Subhrojyoti worked with..Show More

Uberisation of Lending: How banks can stay ahead of the curve

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