RFP Playbook: Your guide to ensuring deal-winning responses

As asset and wealth managers prepare to step boldly into a post-pandemic world, it is critical that they maximise efficiency and synergy in all facets of their work processes in an effort to capture the growing market and achieve sustained AuM growth. This is made possible by ensuring all stages of the RFP deal bid are fine-tuned and synergised to convert proposals into wins.
• Acuity puts macroscopic and microscopic areas of the RFP/DDQ process pivotal to asset management teams in the spotlight
• We look at 10 interdependent areas – ranging from ESG and fixed income to understanding writing-related nuances and best practices – to ensure your firm comes out on top

Key Takeaways

- A holistic approach to understanding the many pillars of the RFP process and crafting compelling proposals are critical if asset managers are to consistently deliver winning mandates
- RFP teams, writers, sales teams and the various tiers of management need to be aligned on the same parameters
- A comprehensive view of new business opportunities ensures efficiencies are maximised at the different stages of the RFP process
- In this first edition of the RFP Playbook designed for asset and wealth managers, we look at 10 interdependent areas – ranging from ESG and fixed income to navigating the nuances of RFP writing – to ensure RFP submissions from your firm come out on top


Sailaja Devireddy

Senior Director, Head of FMS

Sailaja Devireddy has 18 years of work experience and heads the Fund Marketing Services (FMS) division at Acuity Knowledge Partners. She specializes in working with global asset and wealth management clients in leading RFP/DDQ, performance reporting, marketing, consultant database and digital marketing solutions. She has vast experience in transitioning and leading global teams and is responsible for business unit growth strategy, client engagements, process excellence, automation initiatives, new services ideation and development for the FMS vertical. She is a qualified Chartered Accountant and Company Secretary

RFP Playbook: Your guide to ensuring deal-winning responses

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