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Blog New
Oil and gas – Corporate restructuring and distressed M&A are likely

Black-swan events, including the US sanctions on Iran and Venezuela, geopolitica.....Read More

August 3, 2020

COVID-19, Investment Banking

Blog New
COVID-19 crisis: Setting the momentum for distressed private equity?

In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity .....Read More

July 30, 2020

Asset Managers, blog

Blog New
AML regime change – The need of the hour

What is the current scenario? “Today we we.....Read More

July 28, 2020

aml cft, aml compliance

Blog New
The cost of ignoring compliance

“If you think compliance is expensive, try .....Read More

July 27, 2020

Compliance, compliance management

Whitepaper New
Restructuring and turnaround consulting – Respond, Recover and Rebuild

.........Read More

July 24, 2020

Consulting, consultinginsights

Blog New
Oil price outlook: OPEC+ in a balancing act on a slippery road

We believe the COVID-19 pandemic will act a.....Read More

July 22, 2020

crude oil, fiscal breakeven

OFAC focus on non-financial institutions grows – Key takeaways from recent enforcements

The Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), .....Read More

July 21, 2020

aml cft, aml compliance

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Focus this month
ETFs – Accelerating Towards New Highs

post image Whitepaper
Exchange Traded Funds – Anchor for Market Liquidity

ETFs are traded in the market and its prices .....Read More

ETF, Exchange Traded Funds

post image Whitepaper
Exchange Traded Products – A Natural Counterparty (Part 2)

How does an investor arrive at the true cost .....Read More

ETF, Exchange Traded Funds

post image Whitepaper
Exchange Traded Products – A Natural Counterparty (Part 1)

A new instrument that caught the world's atte.....Read More

ETF, Exchange Traded Funds

post image Blog
ETFs – Accelerating Towards New Highs

The popularity of one financi.....Read More

ETFs, Exchange Traded Funds

A few more perspectives

post image Blog
Adoption of clean coal technology may be boosted post-COVID-19

The COVID-19-induced lockdowns that stalled a.....Read More

July 16, 2020

Carbon Capture and Storage(CCS), Carbon Capture Storage and Utilization (CCUS)

post image Blog
The Paycheck Protection Program – A rescue plan

A “black swan” event. That’s what it is.....Read More

July 16, 2020

Banking, COVID-19

post image Blog
US banking sector’s post-pandemic road to recovery

The COVID-19 pandemic is probably one of the .....Read More

July 15, 2020

Banking, COVID19

post image Blog
Leveraged Lending & CLOs – Asset managers reduce riskier exposure and focus on safety

Non-bank entities have significant exposure.....Read More

July 14, 2020

Asset Manager, bankruptcy

post image Insights
Structured finance in an evolving market: The COVID-19 impact on the securitisation industry

.........Read More

July 10, 2020

COVID19, crisis

post image Blog
Is the COVID-19 crisis increasing interest in impact investing?

Impact investments are investments made with .....Read More

July 10, 2020

coronavirus, COVID-19

post image Blog
Reignite – Preparing for a post-pandemic world

Except for consumers, no one knows when and h.....Read More

July 9, 2020

Asset Managers, breakthrough

post image Blog
MaxDiff vs Conjoint Analysis

Maximum differential analysis and conjoint an.....Read More

July 7, 2020

Analysis, Attributes score