IB Analytics for a Europe Based Investment Bank

  • 13 years

    of partnership

  • >$500m

    in cost savings

  • >800

    bankers supported globally

  • >130,000

    projects delivered

  • The client is a Europe-headquartered, bulge-bracket investment bank (IB); Acuity Knowledge Partners has been in partnership with their corporate finance division since 2003
  • The goal was to set up an offshore platform to support a lean, onshore junior banking team globally with the following key objectives:
    • Realize cost savings by limiting the strength of the front-office team, with the flexibility of scaling up the offshore team
    • Retain key strengths in-house while offshoring standard analyses to free up onshore bandwidth for more productive and clientcentric activities
    • Provide better work-life balance to junior banker population
  • Acuity Knowledge Partners demonstrated a high-quality and highly scalable model to deliver on all client objectives
  • From a single team engagement, the offshore client-dedicated team grew to become an integrated global platform, supporting multiple client teams on a variety of IB projects and value-added tasks
  • Deployed a team of research associates providing standard but quality research
  • Created standard methodologies to ensure consistent output and quality
  • Incorporated robust quality checks to ensure the highest level of quality
  • Gradually broadened the coverage universe to include different investment banking products
  • Introduced a dedicated engagement manager to improve communication with client managers and bankers
  • Dedicated team model: Established industry/product aligned teams to provide value-added support with strong integration
  • Flexible staffing: Ensured optimal utilization of resources across teams and regions
  • Standardization and automation: Automated standard and repetitive tasks to improve productivity and efficiency; achieved over 25,000 hours of savings on an annual basis
  • Virtual network: Transitioned to the client’s virtual environment, delivering stronger integration and improving information security
  • MDS rationalisation: Achieved cost savings by rationalizing the use of market data sources
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