Transition Finance Support To A Global Investment Bank

  • Client Growth:

    Significant increase in the number of clients due to the use of scalable solutions

  • Time-Saving:

    Able to devote time to strategic work and core tasks

  • Client is a London headquartered banking and financial service institution with a significant footprint in APAC, Europe and the US
  • Primary areas of support include analysis to identify Transition finance opportunities which includes smart energy-based investments and other Climate transition-oriented advisory across sectors.
  • Supporting senior and junior client team based in Singapore and London.
  • Strategic Support: Acuity’s team of specialists have provided domain expertise to enable the Corporate Solutions and Corporate Banking team of Transition finance group based in Singapore and London with multiple tasks focusing on advising future strategy pivoted on transition financing.
  • Carbon Footprint and Energy Analysis: To evaluate multiple parameters of Energy and Environment reported / disclosed and made as a transaction pillar across the geographies required by the bankers.
  • The following are areas in which we enabled operational efficiency for the client
    • Industry Transition Overview
    • ESG / Energy Transition Policy Analysis – National and Industry Specific
    • Transition Finance Case Studies,
    • Energy Transition focused M&A and Transactions Research.
    • Sovereign / Private Wealth Funds Transition Assessment
    • ESG Indices / Ratings Analysis
    • New bonds / pipeline issuance database.
    • Decarbonization strategies – carbon credit markets


  • Updates on upcoming and trending transition themes and strategies to track and identify new market opportunities
  • 24-hour turnaround for urgent requests
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What we have done

ESG Advisory Support To The Client On Developing Sustainable Finance Frameworks For The Corporates
What we are proud of


Increased Efficiency

Significant cash savings for the client due to strategic and real-time support

ESG Support For A Japanese Investment Bank
What we are proud of


Time saving


more client-facing time