Corporate actions: Timely processing of events for fixed income investments

  • Top 20

    US-based asset manager

  • ca. USD265bn

    in AuM

  • 3,000

    monthly corporate action events handled

  • 40%

    operational cost savings

  • Client sponsor: Asset management arm of an American life insurance company, an investment advisor and investment manager to most of US open-ended investment companies and manager to closed-ended investment companies
  • Client need: Client was looking for an extended team that could help capture and process mandatory and voluntary corporate action activities
  • We set up a team with the right skillsets to support the Corporate Action team in the following areas:
    • Validating and checking all the mandatory and voluntary corporate action activities with the Aladdin application
    • Checking all the positions and the current status of corporate actions with the help of applications such as Aladdin, DTC and Lotus Notes
    • Providing all the available details for MAN/VOL CAs to the Newark team and once all the CA checks were done, sending and marking all the CAs accordingly
    • Creating relevant checklists for all mandatory and voluntary corporate action events
    • Processing the mandatory setup day prior to pay date or payable date and gathering the DTC notice with payout information
    • Checking all the position, trade and portfolio details of corporate actions from different data vendors
    • Analysing the status of all corporate actions such as cancel, final pay down, comments
    • Looking into all mails, prelim and final notice mails for all corporate action events
    • Preparing Excel sheet with lottery results from all notices, validating that eligible amount is in line with total Aladdin holdings, loan eligible/called amount issues, recording all relevant backup (lottery notices and emails)
    • Reconciling banks’ CA postings with Aladdin application postings
  • Third-party tools
    • aladdin-Genie by BLOCKROCK
    • DTCC
    • MarkiIT
    • IBM Notes


  • Handled 3K monthly corporate actions events
  • Provided real-time support to the client
  • Added bandwidth to the client teams, providing operational support, reducing cost by 40%
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