Technology scouting for intra-tumoural drug delivery

  • Identified novel technological innovations for intra-tumoural injectable formulations

  • Advised on the attractiveness and feasibility of innovative intra-tumoural technologies

  • Compiled market landscape and competitive intelligence on key players and products

  • Analyse the science and technology behind current and emerging intra-tumoural injectable formulations to administer chemical entities for the treatment of cancer
  • Technology intelligence
    • Identifying key technological innovations along with drugs administered in different tumour sites
    • Analysing maturity level of identified technologies
    • Benchmarking each novel technology for clinical attractiveness and adoption feasibility
  • Entity intelligence
    • Identifying key competitors within each indication and patient population
    • Assessing new entrants along with recent collaborations, mergers and/or acquisitions
  • Key differentiator analysis
    • Conducting a detailed comparison of the client’s technology against identified technologies in the pipeline
    • Factoring in the differences for hype-cycle analysis
    • Conducting market sizing and adoption share analysis


  • Identified novel technologies and created bespoke value proposition for cancer patients, considering market positioning and scale
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