Upstream O&G Target Analysis and M&A Support

  • Identified potential deal options for upstream investments

  • Recommended deal structuring mechanism

  • The client wanted to identify strategic targets for potential investment in the UK North Sea, including both E&P assets and firms
  • Based on the client’s potential investment plan,prepared a list of small cap E&P firms operating in the UK North Sea and also a list of last six years’ historical E&P transactions
  • Conducted financial research, performed comparable trading analysis, generated key financial and operational trading multiples, and came out with a valuation range for the firms
  • Also, analysed comparable transactions, generated key transaction multiples based on the type of transaction (corporate vs assets) and the asset life cycle (producing, under development, exploration), and came out with a valuation range for each asset class
  • Compared the historical Brent price with transaction multiples over the years for each asset class type
  • Performed outside-in diligence by reviewing annual reports, investor documents, press releases, financial performance, strategic moves and futuristic statements for each firm


  • Recommended options to the client for potential investment
  • Based on the inference gathered from analysing the historical transactions, suggested the client on the deal structuring mechanism that would suit its strategy
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