Supporting business functions of a leading veterinary company

  • Identified and analysed new opportunities and growth avenues across the animal health value chain

  • Provided robust monitoring of detailed and granular data relating to deals and daily activities

  • Provided real-time research, enabling prioritisation of tasks

  • Assisted in developing strategies to stay ahead of competition

  • Support the business development, strategy and accounting teams by identifying new opportunities, tracking competition, monitoring the latest deals, and recording accounts of clinics across the US
  • Business environment profiling:
    • Bottom-up market mapping of pet resorts and veterinary clinics in key geographies (the US and Canada)
    • In-depth market analysis and identifying growth opportunities
  • Opportunity assessment
    • Identifying trends and drivers in the veterinary sector
    • Analysing impact on target market based on change in end-user buying behaviour
    • Conducting in-depth analysis of the latest deals and M&A, and profit and loss assessment
  • Competitor tracking:
    • Equipping client team with the latest competitor intelligence and identifying potential threats
    • Conducting periodic assessment of veterinary consolidators in the US


  • Provided a detailed comparison of the client’s assets against those of identified key players
  • Factored in differences for market analysis
  • Market sizing and adoption share
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