US-based private, independent boutique advisory firm

  • 24 IB and 3 BIS FTEs

  • Around 10,000 high-quality projects turned around

  • 91,000+ hours of work delivered

  • Approximately 150 active bankers served in nine US and UK offices

  • Ensuring consistent high-quality output/product
  • Difficulty in retaining onshore talent:
    • Onshore bankers frequently worked beyond “regular” hours
  • Difficulty in finding a trusted partner to provide assistance during non-working hours:
    • To quickly add experienced team members without incurring onshore hiring costs/risk
    • To have an integrated team with split shifts and overnight coverage
  • Utilising the onshore team more efficiently and effectively on deal-execution tasks
  • To win one of the most competitive pilots in Acuity’s history, the pilot team ensured that delivery standards were beyond client expectations
  • The team structured 12-hour coverage with two shifts to ensure sufficient overlap with prime onshore offices; the coverage was supplemented with a nine-hour shift worked by the BIS team to provide live coverage to the US offices:
    • The Acuity teams coordinated to ensure high-quality seamless delivery
  • The double-layer quality-check process with a pyramid talent structure ensured that all deliverables were up to the required standard and achieved an average C-Sat score of 4.9 of 5
  • The soft-aligned model not only ensured support to all onshore sectors but also enabled the team to leverage spare capacity to ensure cross-sector utilisation on rainy days


  • The eight-member pilot team assisting a handful of bankers quickly grew to a 20+ member team supporting c.150 bankers in all sectors; coverage continues to grow
  • Acuity’s high-quality overnight support moved the client, over time, to entrust the team with shorter-turnaround projects
  • After successfully taking on the boutique firm’s standard tasks and freeing up the onshore team to handle execution tasks, Acuity is now seeking more complex tasks
  • Delivered annual savings of more than USD2.5m
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