Strategic procurement and cost optimisation of pharmaceutical raw materials

  • Created pricing matrix for pharmaceutical raw materials and dietary supplements

  • Conducted market assessment and supply-chain analysis

  • Helped optimise ordering behaviour and procurement pricing strategy

  • Assess supply chain of pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements for strategic business expansion and entry to new markets
  • Market assessment
    • In-depth analysis of raw material import/export trends, supply-chain analysis
    • Assessment of challenges in procurement, and regulations and policies governing raw materials and finished goods imports
    • Analysis of macroeconomic and business environment in the US and Canada
  • Competitor analysis
    • Identification of key players with a detailed competitive analysis across parameters
    • Assessment of organic and inorganic growth strategies including M&A and partnerships
  • Pricing analysis
    • Cost analysis of pharmaceutical raw materials
    • Creation of a pricing matrix and analysing ways to optimise cost of raw materials


  • Identified procurement strategies to remain competitive in the market
  • Provided bespoke research support on raw material import/export trends, supply-chain analysis, regulations and policies governing raw materials
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