Restructuring client reporting process for a top-15 private asset manager

  • ~50%

    increase in coverage

  • ~25%

    client analysts utilized additional time created

  • Enhanced

    Investor Confidence

  • A global top-15 private asset management firm with operations in the US, UK, Europe and Asia Pacific required help to review its client reporting process, identify challenges, implement best practices and set up a robust reporting process
  • Knowledge gathering: Conducted a detailed process review where Moody’s subjectmatter experts (SMEs) met with 25 analysts to understand the current client reporting process
  • Documented process steps to ensure consistency in completing client reports after transition to Moody’s
  • Set up a dedicated client reporting support team to deliver all ongoing reports
  • Automated data sourcing resulted in delivery of betterquality reports on time, with minimum manual intervention


  • Absence of a knowledge repository and workflowtracking mechanism
  • Manual data gathering from multiple internal data sources
  • Multiple analysts and teams involved in completing the reports
  • Less time to focus on core activity, i.e., relationship building
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