Research Publishing with supervisory analyst support for an EMEA-based bank

  • 25+ Client analysts supported

  • SA, editing, formatting and publishing, and platform administration

  • Exclusive 7- member Acuity team

  • An EMEA-based bank wanted to migrate its Research Publishing services to Acuity Knowledge Partners without loss of quality and service levels
  • Tasks outsourced included the following:
    • Supervisory Analyst approval
    • Editing
    • Formatting, publishing, and electronic distribution
    • Platform administration
  • Transition (7 roles) solution highlights for 2 Supervisory Analysts, 2 Editors, 2 Formatting Specialists, and 1 Application Administrator
  • White-boarding and 2-week onshore training for 4 members (SA, editor, formatting specialist, and application administrator)
  • Acuity recommended a 3-month parallel run and went live after its successful completion
  • Created documentation to speed up the learning curve and new associate onboarding
  • To ensure a seamless transition, Acuity ensured senior management and strong supervisory oversight, detailed engagement set-up plans, and regular communication
  • Acuity’s Research Publishing team is fully integrated with the onshore research team, thus allowing seamless SA, editorial, and formatting/publishing support
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Research Publishing solutions for an EMEA-based global bank
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Research Publishing support for a bank’s Asia-Pacific equity research team
What we are proud of


client analysts supported


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