Pipeline analysis and benchmarking

  • Analysed clinical and market potential for entry into the non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC) market

  • Evaluated unmet needs to identify potential entry points

  • Conducted a deep-dive study of key assets and key players

  • Understanding and assessing the NSCLC market, which has numerous assets
  • Undertaking a competitive assessment of pipeline drugs to identify potential drugs
  • Understanding regulatory approvals, reimbursement and market access in the NSCLC market
  • Evaluating unmet needs, drivers and barriers to entering the oncology market
  • Competitive landscape:
    • Understanding the current standard of care (SoC) and epidemiology of NSCLC
    • Understanding available diagnostic tests and associated treatments
    • Mapping different assets in the NSCLC pipeline against line of therapy (LoT) and target
  • Benchmarking assets
    • Evaluating the safety and efficacy of approved drugs to understand benchmarking in different patient segments
    • Competitive assessment of pipeline drugs to identify potential drugs
  • Helped the client’s team understand the landscape of the NSCLC market, considering both approved and ongoing trials
  • Advised on viability of entering the NSCLC market using different parameters
  • Mapping different PD-1 combination drugs against patient segments and frequently used PD-1 drugs
  • Understanding approved PD-1 combination drugs and relative efficacy
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What we have done

Assessment of GCC pharmaceutical market
What we are proud of

Analysed potential for entry into the GCC pharmaceutical market

Helped client understand socio-economic and health policies in GCC countries