Marketing literature review support for a hedge fund with offices in the US and the UK

  • 100%

    Met deadlines

  • 3x

    more marketing material reviewed

  • 35%

    reduction in compliance costs

  • A hedge fund with offices in the US and the UK wanted to streamline its marketing literature review processes and create efficiencies
  • Bandwidth constraints prevented the client’s compliance team from approving time-sensitive marketing material on time
  • A lack of comprehensive policies, procedures and other compliance-related documents impeded execution of an effective compliance programme
  • Acuity Knowledge Partners (Acuity) was selected to enhance the compliance team’s bandwidth by handling the review and approval of marketing material
  • Acuity’s solution was split into two phases:
  • Phase 1: White boarding and pilot
    • Focused on identifying a critical set of material for streamlining the review process
    • Conducted a comprehensive review of existing policies and procedures to benchmark them against industry best practices and legal/regulatory requirements
    • Ran a three-month pilot with senior resources to demonstrate our capabilities in terms of quality and meeting tight deadlines
  • Phase 2: Migration and delivery
    • Offshored review and approval of 5+ critical-type documents (non-rush material) in a phased manner with a team of two senior resources
    • Deployed a train-the-trainer model
    • Rush materials were transitioned later due to the high quality of delivery required for the non-rush reviews
    • A snapshot of documents reviewed:
      • Generic strategy material
      • Factsheets
      • Fund letters
      • Portfolio analysis
      • Client presentations
    • Due to the success of our support with the US work, the client expanded our services to cover EMEA and APAC
  • Reduced the client’s workload by 30%
  • Suggested industry-level best practices to reengineer compliance workflows
  • Helped reduce compliance department costs by 35% (by our offshore presence)
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